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Members Only

Entry and access to all facilities at Deep Stax Poker Club require membership status.  Memberships are available for purchase to access the club per day, per month or for the year.  No one under the age of 18 may purchase a membership.  

Deep Stax Poker Club is privately owned.  Membership may be revoked and services may be refused to anyone not abiding the Club Policies. No one may threaten the safety of another.  Failure to pay dues will result in access being denied.  

Membership is given at the discretion of Deep Stax Poker Club management.  


The Club communicates with members through the contact information they provided the club.  Texts and emails

will be sent to the member about upcoming events, promotions and Club news.  The member's information will not be shared or sold.


The Club is fully equipped with security cameras to ensure the safety of its members and staff.  There is ample, well-lit parking in front of Deep Stax and Firepit Grille.


The club strictly prohibits the admittance of anyone with firearms or other weapons.  Any concerns about a member or staff must be reported immediately to Deep Stax management to be addressed.

Club Rental

The Club is happy to accommodate special events for individuals, corporations or charitable organizations.  Membership is required for any of the above persons or organizations who would like to rent the Club.  Club Policies must be followed by all special event attendees, including membership and the daily access fee.

Food & Drink

Deep Stax is happy to provide coffee and water to its active members.  A large variety of soft drinks and snacks are available for purchase inside the club. 


Servers and bartenders serve Firepit Grille's food, cocktails, beer

and wine inside Deep Stax, the lounge or in the restaurant's dining room.  Firepit Grille's food and liquor licenses do not allow outside food and beverages to be brought into Deep Stax or Firepit Grille

at any time.

The Staff

The Club requires all staff including dealers, list attendants and cage cashiers to abide by house rules.  ​

The staff is trained by the management.  Any issues or concerns about staff is to be brought to the attention of the Club management.  Staff member are required to report any misconduct of any member to the management.  

Staff members are permitted to play any game or tournament

at the club.  

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